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A few days ago, I had to research backup plugins for WordPress, and I was looking for reference links to share with an agency that I was collaborating with. All the search results on the first page of Google were either glorified lists that didn’t offer any meaningful insights or advertisements for specific plugins masquerading as reviews. It is very likely that they were written by content writers only to take advantage of trending topics and popular keywords.

This trend has been a pet peeve of mine, and it has resulted in the majority of blog posts on the internet being hot piles of garbage; at least the ones that rank high on Google. Does that mean Google is failing us? Perhaps not always, but it’s getting more difficult to find genuine content.

Thankfully, we have moved past the idea of peppering littering web pages with a random list of keywords and “optimising” them for web crawlers and indexing algorithms, instead of real people that are actually meant to consume them. Yet, we haven’t, for the text itself is read-worthy, but not the content.

I wish we would go back to sharing real insights, personal opinions and actual experiences.

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